Low Profile Blind Tapped Hole without Flange

Low Profile Blind Tapped Hole without Flange

The W & V series of Rockford Linear Bearing Blocks have a low profile and a blind tapped hole without a flange. These blocks are available in either a standard length block (W) or a short-length block (V). Each bearing block has 4 circular arc raceways; each raceway has a 45º contact angle which allows for equal loading in all directions. The raceways and Double Face Configuration (also known as "X" configuration) offers high-rigidity and tolerates misalignments of the rail.End seals are standard features on each block; most sizes also have a long-life lubrication reservoir, a metal seal retention frame and side seals. Additional accessories such as end seals and scrapers are also available for the W & V blocks.

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W & V Product Dimension Data

W & V Product Performance Data

† Lmax Tolerance: @4,000 mm (+0.0/-20mm)

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