Rockford Linear Motion Announces Initial Product Offering

Rockford Linear Motion, LLC (RLM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Rockford Ball Screw Co., is pleased to announce their initial product offering of profile linear guide rails. RLM Profile Guide Rails have the following features and characteristics:

Four Way Equal Loading: Each block has four raceways, each having a 45° contact angle which allows equal loading in all directions.

High Rigidity: The double face and circular arc raceway configuration of the linear bearing blocks offer high rigidity while maintaining self-alignment.

Universal Rail: Both standard (RPGH) and low-height (RPGS) linear bearing blocks use a common profile guide rail. Both sides of the profile guide rail are ground as datum references.

Enhanced Features are Standard: End seals are standard on each linear bearing block; most sizes also have a long-life oil reservoir, a metal seal retention frame and side seals. Since interchangeability specification tolerances are tightly held, profile linear guide rail systems may be purchased individually for applications requiring multiple parallel profile guide rails.

Rockford Ball Screw has been providing engineered solutions to the linear motion market for over 35 years. The same principles, values, and technical knowledge that customers have come to expect from Rockford Ball Screw can also be expected of Rockford Linear Motion, LLC. By providing outstanding customer service, unparalleled technical support, excellent product quality, and competitive pricing; we will make Motion Simplified™.

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