Markets Served

Whether you realize it or not, profile linear guide rails have a significant impact on you. They are used in public travels or are embedded into the machines that we either use daily or that build the products we depend on to lead our lives.

  • Sliding door guides are an excellent example of a system using linear bearings that we see every day.
  • Office machines (printers, disc drives, postal machines, ATMs, etc.) also use miniature and larger profile guide rail products.
  • Hospital beds, CT scanners, laboratory equipment, prescription dispensers and electronic equipment drawers are only a small portion of the medical market we serve.
  • Large printing machines and wood, pulp and paper manufacturing systems depend on Rockford Linear Motion type assemblies to efficiently produce their products – from paper towels to lumber for home building to the Sunday Comics.
  • Packaging machines mix, fill, cap, seal, pack and stack the products we use every day. They also rely on linear guide ways to make those operations fast, reliable and accurate.
  • CNC machining centers, lathes, welding equipment, stamping machines and robotic assembly stations depend on the precision, low friction and speed handling capabilities of Rockford Profile Linear Guides to accurately produce everything from automobiles to zoom lenses.

From submersible deep sea vehicles to the International Space Station, Rockford Linear Motion profile guide rail products can be found in nearly every facet of manufactured product or manufacturing system. Find your own personal best use for RPG guides today to add to this ever-growing list of success stories.

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